Health Therapies
Health Therapies

Manasuga therapy – Stress relief therapy

Ayurveda has everything to ensure body health, elimination of diseases and mental relaxation. No other medical branch promises such remedies depending on herbs and nature. Manasuga therapy is the best treatment for mental and hormonal imbalance or neurotic disorders. Psychosomatic disorders are also cured with Manasuga therapy of Ayurveda. It is a combination of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda therapy, where a holistic method is applied.

Duration: 5 to 7 days - For detailed information and pricing, please consult at Sparsha

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Treatments for body pain

Ayurveda treatments, Ayurveda massages and Ayurveda therapies work effectively in relieving you from the pain and its associated symptoms.
And these Ayurveda Pain relieving methodologies are proven since times immemorial to manage pain associated with a variety of injuries and conditions. Often, chronic pain is caused by an inflammatory response within the body. Ayurvedic herbal treatments are effective for healing and controlling excess inflammation, but for long-term results, such treatments must be part of an integrative approach combining dietary changes, detoxification and therapeutic exercise.
When you feel general body aches and body pains in multiple areas of your body, with more discomfort in the muscles and joints, there is no better comfort than to give your body a complete full body massage. Ayurveda offers Abhyanga massage therapy and kizhi (special herbal bolus bag massage therapy dipped in special hot herbal oil) which provide relief as well as relaxation to the painful muscles and joints of the entire body and also the oil nourishes the skin and mobilizes the deeper tissues.
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Please contact our center for detailed information & pricing

Metabolic disorders management

Ayurveda play a significant role in balancing your body against metabolic disorders by following particular conducts like therapies, dietary regulation, daily regimen, seasonal regimen & Pancha-karma. Diet reflects as vital role to supply nutrient ions and promotes healthy life. In Ayurveda diet is characterized according to their action on the individual and decides by their taste, potency, post digestive effect and pharmacological effect .We advise for a consultation together with diet counseling with our specialists.

Ayurvedic treatment to support fertility

Natural Ayurvedic treatment to support fertlity with Sparsha Ayurveda. Wonderful results without side effects. Our program is a combination of tradition and ancient Ayurveda teaching. The treatment invigorates the body and uses the natural, healing abilities to support fertility. This also strengthens general health and the so-called "good life".

Duration : 12 days each 70 min - For detailed information and pricing, please consult at Sparsha