Ayurveda treatments & massage
Ayurveda treatments & massage

Short Ayurvedic Therapies

Massage in Hungary

Herbalized Oil Massage

Massage in budapest


asian and indian Massage in Hungary

PatraPotali Swedan /Medicinal leaves

massage centers in hungary

Njavara kizhi

massage ayurveda hungary

pregnancy massage

hungary asian massages


stress relief in hungary

Prusht Abhyanga
Back massage

stress relief in budapest


hungary stress relief

Netra tharpanam Cleansing eyes treatment

ayurveda for stress relief hungary

Kati vasthi
Back pain treatment

Ayurvedic Therapie Duration
Abhyanga -Herbalized Oil Massage 60 min
12.000 HUF
Shirodhara 40 min
10.000 HUF
Shirodhara+Abhyanga 110min
18.000 HUF
ElaKizhi -PatraPotali Swedan /Medicinal leaves 60 min
14.000 HUF
Njavara kizhi 70 min
14.000 HUF
Ayurvedic pregnancy massage 60 min
10.000 HUF
Shiroabhyanga 35 min
7.500 HUF
Prusht Abhyanga-Back massage 30 min
7.000 HUF
Nasya 30 min
8.000 HUF
Netra tharpanam - Cleansing eyes treatment 30 min
8.000 HUF
Kati vasthi - Back pain treatment 30 min
9.000 HUF
Organic facials in budapest

Pure Relaxation

This therapy is to rejuvenate the mind , body and soul, to tone up skin, to strengthen all systems so as to achieve ideal health and longevity.

This Treatment includes :- Abhyanga , Shirodhara, Kizhi, Shiro abhyanga, Medicated steam bath & Internal rejuvenative herbs

Duration : 2-1/2 hours,
Price - HUF 24.000

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