Sparsha Nail Designs

Sparsha Nail Designs

Having beautiful nails is an essential part of a well-designed outfit. Even a simple handshake with healthy, well-groomed hands and nails can tell a positive impression about individuals. Regardless how well dressed you are, how nicely your hair is kept, the lack of neat nails can create a negative and dishevelled appearance of the person.

In our world there is not a single person being so lucky to have beautiful nails with soft and groomed hands without a proper care.

In Our Sparsha "Nail care" we work exclusively with premium quality materials and professional equipment's.

Manicure: A sparsha care

Manicure is a very popular among women and men nail care. It makes your hands and nails looks more healthy and attractive.

The procedure begins with washing hands with a special antibacterial soap. Then we remove any previous nail polish with using an aceton-free remover to avoid the damage of the surface of the nails. We shape the nails according to the length of your fingers, your appearance and taste. To remove the dead skin stucked to the nails we can use either a special manicure bath water or a special cuticule removal liquid depending on the condition of the nails and the guest’s convenience. After the manicure it’s possible to apply for nail decoration or nail polish, which can be found in diverse variety of colors and shades. It’s very popular to have a french manicure which are designed to resemble natural nails, and are characterized by natural pink base nails with white tips.

Japanese manicure: A sparsha Nail Detox

Japanese manicure was recognised in Japan in the 1950th years, and just came to Europe recently, but became one of the most favourite nailcare as it creates beautiful nails that can shine like a pearl. The purpose of this manicure type is not the creation of nail decoration but considered as Nail detox. The secret is the use and combination of pure natural materials like bees wax and silk warn powder. This allows to restore weak and damaged nails. After few sessions, you will gain elastic, strong and shiny nails.

The procedure is same as classic Manicure and results stay for a month. After the procedure the Japanese manicure nails faster heal and grow healthier, their aesthetic has improved.

Gellac manicure: A Nail Excitement

Gellac is one of the most exciting beauty innovation of the last few years. It does not extend the nails, however contrary to the simple nail polish, which usually chips in 2-5 days, gel nail polish lasts perfectly from 2 to 3 weeks. This technique is really advantageous and fabulous if you don’t have time to go to the beauty salon so frequently or you go for a longer holiday, but still you wish to have colourful, well-groomed decorated nails and attractive hands.

The way gel polish works is that after shaping and preparing the nails properly for the process, we apply base-, colours- and top coats. Between each layers you stick your nails an UV-lamp what makes the polish ultimately hard and long lasting. In case of weak nails it’s recommended to apply for a nail-strenghtener layer directly after the base gel, which insure that the nails won’t break and gel polish will remain intact on the nail surface.

According to your wish and taste, it’s extremely appealing to decorate the gellac with small shining stones, matrice or painted figures.

Gel extension- A perfect Addiction

Though nail extension may appear like a modern style, women were habitual of artificial length to nails since Ancient Egyptian time. During this period, long nails were considered as a sign of wealth and status.

Today there are multiple techniques, services available for those who wish to extend their natural nails. One of the most popular technik is the gel extension

Gel is a flexible and environmental friendly material, a special mixture which can be applied either as an artificial nail extension to add length or directly on the natural nail surface to strengthen and promote the natural growth of the nails. This technique is particularly advised to those ladies who have weak, short or bitten nails because it allows the nails to strengthen and grow below the gel layers.

The procedure of the nail extension is a multi-step process, similarly to gellac, gel always cures under UV or LED lamp.

Traditional and modern manicure 2200Ft around 45 min
Kid manicure (below 14 years) 1100Ft
Nail polish -one colour + manicure 2800Ft
Nail polish - French style + manicure 3100Ft
Nail polish - one colour (without manicure) 1100Ft
Nail polish - French style (without manicure) 1700Ft
The prices include the removal of the previous nail polish. 3200Ft around 60 min
Gellac (incl. previous gellac removal, with own nail strengthening, lasts for 3-4 weeks) 4300Ftaround 90 min
Gellac (incl. previous gellac removal, without own nail strengthening, lasts for 1,5-2 weeks) 3500Ftaround 75 min
Gellac removal + manicure 2200Ft
Extra decoration from 200Ft
Decoration on 2 nails are included in the basic price (small decoration stones, stickers, painting etc.).
Gel extension (until "M" size) 6200Ftaround 3 hours
French gel extension (until "M" size) 6800Ftaround 3 hours
Extra length ("L, XL" size) plus 1500Ft
Gel nails refill 6200Ftaround 2,5 hours
Correction, replacement 1100Ft/nail
Gel nails coloring (with gellac or color gel) 1200Ft
Own nail strengthening with gel 5200Ftaround 2 hours
Own nail strengthening with gel - French style 5700Ftaround 2 hours
Gel extension removal 2300Ft
Gel extension removal + manicure 3500Ft
Extra decoration from 400Ft
Decoration on 2 nails are included in the basic price (small decoration stones, stickers, painting etc.).

Prices are brutto prices and valid for the services in Hungary.