Sparsha Ayurvedic Organic Facials

Sparsha own developed natural face mix from 6 herbs. Be a part of this experience by creating your face mix together with our specialist

Mukha lepam – A comprehensive Ayurvedic facial package

We invite you to experience our Ayurveda organic facial to get that radiant skin you crave for. Ayurveda organic facial is effective for caressing all skin types. We developed Ayurveda Organic facials which are made of various herbs , saffron oils and fruits pulp to nourish your skin from the inside out .Organic facial is 100 percent chemical free that helps to slough off dead skin cells and reveal the new skin underneath.

Duration of 50min – 12,000 Ft

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Ayurveda Beauty care & Anti aging package

The secret to healthy, glowing skin | beauty.

   Herbalface packs    Herbal oil massage
   Udwarthanm    Steam bath
  Ksheera dhara(Application of milk         with special herbs on forehead in a         rhythmic manner)   Njavara lapanam for glowing skin            and detoxifying

This is a programme for the beauty-conscious and anti aging.

Duration of 5 days (70 minutes a day)- Price starting from 60,000 Ft

Benefits of Ayurveda organic facial

  •  Ayurveda facial busts all your beauty woes like tanning , dark skin, wrinkles ,dryness ,dullness.
  •  Organic facial does not clean your face superficially .It cleanses your skin deep down ,as a result            your skin feels squeaky clean and resplendent.
  •  It is a sort of anti-oxidants facial which can heal sun burnt skin very is a store house          of anti-bacterial properties ,therefore, it is immensely helpful in cleansing and granting luster to            your skin from the outside.
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