Sparsha Pashmina

Be any joyful Occasion of your life- a Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, New Year or Valentines day, Sparsha's Pashmina Cashmere will be a memorable and long lasting gift to your loved ones



We present you handwoven Pashmina arriving from Kashmir region, known for its premium soft cashmere wool. Our focus of interest is only on handmade Pashmina, knitted using ancient wooden looms which are hand-embroidered by Kashmiri Artisans. Some experts says, Pashmina Cashmere is a process by itself and process from dusting to spinning to washing has to happen within the region to hold best results in quality and appearance. So we believe in it and deliver our experience.

Our Shawls/Stoles are known for its excellence and artistic beauty, available in broad categories for Men & Women. We offer pure collections in plain and embroidered designs with ethnic Indian or Indo-western designs. (P- Pashmina; W-Wool; S-Silk)

All seasons Basic plain colored ~ Price starting from 59€
Pure Pashmina Natural colored & superior fine ~ Price starting from 149€
Kashida collections Needled crafted ~ Price Starting from 299€
Pride of Kashmir Kani Shawls ~ Price starting from 699€
Wavy Silk Collections Price starting from 49€ (Water Pashmina)
Resham Glister Collections Price starting from 79€ (Water Pashmina)
Enticing Glace Price starting from 79€
Khushi Delights Plain - Price starting from 29€
Eminent Dhaaga Embroidery/ Needle crafted - Price starting from 89€

Taxes and shipping charges wherever applicable. Available sizes are 30x150cms, 75x200 cms and 100x200 cms. Prices vary depending on composition, type & content of fabric, weaving time, knitting & woven methods, plain or handcrafted embroidery etc.

Don’t limit yourself with our available collections, please contact us for customized designs. Sparsha Indian ethnic designs (kanis, phulkari, paisley) and Indian-western blend (plain, check, strike, double sided etc) are also our attractive collections. Our hand crafted Embroidery designs using silk or cotton threads are perfected both on Pashmina and wool fabrics. The artisan has to twist the raw silk until it fits the eye of the needle. The workmanship is so intricate and time consuming that some embroidered shawls take 2-4 years’ time to complete.

Famous types are sozni, kani, papier-mache and aari based on the type of needles and opted designs.


Sparsha is committed towards socio-economic development of Kashmir society contributing to well-being of herdsmen, valley artisans and weavers. We are proud to market and sell the product exclusively from the Kashmir region.

Sparsha Cashmere is derived directly from Kashmir region known for its premium Pashmina fabrics. All our products are hand woven and offer unique patterns & colors well designed by skilled craftsmen. We believe in our quality thereby we guarantee our products and keep updated with latest trends of the industry.

Today, the word ‘PASHMINA’ has used too often to describe any shawls fabric. Some shawls marketed as Pashmina contain excess wool than declared, while others markets the man-made fabric viscose or polyester as "pashmina" with deceptive marketing statements such as "authentic viscose pashmina", thus misleading the market. We welcome you to know and feel the pure product.

Sparsha products are recommended for handwash with cold water or regular dry clean. Life of pure pashmina can last over 5-10 years with due care. Pure Pashmina get softer and more give better appearance with each wash. Handwashed shawls/stole should be kept on a simple drier to dry.

Being a handloom made product with fine thin fabrics, you may perhaps notice small space between fine woven threads, which is not a product defect. Threads will gets closer in your next wash.

Pashmina fabric reflects the story of ancient delicate wool originated from Kashmir India, a fine end product of exemplary skills and artistry. Pashmina wool" is combed off from Capri Hicus Goat of freezing Ladakh region (high Himalayan region) from soft undercoat of neck and belly, famous for its unique appearance and fabric fineness of less than 20 microns, which make it difficult to be spun by machines.

The handspun yarn woven by local craftsmen is superior and authentic compared to machine woven. So real Pashmina are particularly soft & warm, but it also comes with matte without sheen unless blended with silk. The natural colors of fleece are mostly white or gray or brown or dark tan in nature. Dyeing, another hand process needs high skills and experience that can influence the quality of product. Dyes are natural and chemical free which makes pure pashmina EcoFriendly.

Pashmina shawls are an inevitable part of tradition filled Kashmir wedding rituals.